The Number 11 Bus

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No 11 Bus
No 11 Bus

Why the Number 11 Bus?

AA began in the US in 1935, in Akron, Ohio. The first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in the UK was in Room 202 of the Dorchester Hotel in March, 1947.  It was a few years before it took off, and some of the story can be read here. By the mid-1980s, AA was flourishing and just as the Kings Road in Chelsea was the centre of nightlife for more ‘normal’ folk, so it became a main centre of AA life, especially for younger people. Every day of the week, from 7am until midnight, there was – still is – a meeting somewhere on or nearby the Kings Road and the most common means of reaching these  was by taking the Number 11 bus.  Once in the meetings, the subject would often revolve around people’s understandings of the Higher Power. It became something of a fashion to talk about the bus in this context. 

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